Jeep Renegade: Road Warrior

Jeep Renegade is top choice for off-road lovers. Here are two capability features that explain why.

Off-road is never off limits with the Jeep Active Drive Low 4x4 System, which is available on the Trailhawk model. The system includes a low range power transfer unit in single speed that lets you tackle the roughest terrains. For added control, the feature has crawl ratio of 20:1. Maneuverability won't be a problem with the Trailhawk because of precision steering and a turning diameter of 35.3 feet and a wheelbase of 101.2 inches. You'll navigate narrow spaces, dodge trouble spots and be able avoid cosmetic damages.

You've read enough to know the Jeep Renegade is a great SUV choice, but you need to take it for a test drive to get the full picture. Stop by our Jeep dealership, and we'll put you behind the wheel.



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