What are the Signs of a Failing Transfer Case?

If you drive four-wheel drive vehicles, you know how useful this feature can be. On part-time four-wheel drive cars, a device called a transfer case makes this possible. A transfer case is a torque-transfer device that mounts either close to or on your main transmission housing. When the transfer case is set to off, all of the power from your vehicle's motor goes to either both front or both rear wheels. When the transfer case is in the on position, part of the engine power is diverted to each individual wheel.

This system is indispensable if you live in remote areas, areas that see a lot of inclement weather, or if you do a lot of towing. While they are sturdy, even these systems need occasional inspections. Here at our facility in Kahului, we have a number of certified and skilled technicians ready and able to take on any issues you may have with your transfer case. Come to our auto parts center today for a hassle-free consultation.

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