Maintain Control on Rough and Wet Surfaces With the Jeep Cherokee

When you are driving, you are not always going to be on perfectly dry and smooth surfaces. There are always going to be variations on the surface that you are driving on, especially if you are going off-road. You need a vehicle like the new Jeep Cherokee that we at Jim Falk Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram recommend.

Going off-road means that you are going to be riding on rougher surfaces, like the sand. This is where the Selec-Terrain feature makes itself useful. You can select the type of terrain mode you want to use. You can also put it on auto so that the vehicle can adjust according to the actual terrain.

When it comes to wet surfaces, you are very likely to lose control because of how water interacts. In some cases, you are going to come across puddles or streams. This is where the water fording feature comes in with additional sealing and high intake of air.



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