What is Mopar Coverage?

The road can be unkind to cars. A driver could travel down a familiar stretch of highway and unexpectedly run over something on the asphalt. The tires and wheels suffer the brunt of the damage. How much will the repairs cost? Chrysler drivers with Mopar vehicle protection might not pay anything. Anyone who signs up for this plan gains protection for all four tires and wheels.

Coverage encompasses complete repair and replacement of tires and wheels when damage comes from road hazards. Mounting, balancing, and more are covered under the plans, as well. And don't worry about the deductible since it is "0."

There's another feature present in Mopar plan's Chrysler drivers might find valuable: roadside assistance. The $100 “Sign-And-Go” deal might be an appealing offer to eligible customers.

Do you want to make sure your tires and wheels are in great shape? Are you in need of a new one? Call up the service department at our dealership to schedule a maintenance appointment.


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