If you're looking for a light-duty pickup that exceeds expectations, we recommend the trusted Ram 1500. It awaits on our lot in Kahului, and we think its durability will impress you.

That durability begins with Ram's high-strength steel, which makes up 98% of the 1500's body. Combined with modern engineering, this steel lets the 1500 haul over 2,000 pounds in its rear box. To ward against scrapes, scratches and the elements, Ram gives that box a 21st-century liner. You'll enjoy quickly cleaning this liner when necessary.

Also, you'll enjoy the model's optional RamBox feature. This patented system lets you flip up the tops of your 1500's side panels to access your daily life's vital tools and related equipment. Coated with a composite material, each RamBox is tough, but they clean easily. You merely loosen the unit's drain before you begin. As you can see, the Ram 1500 is durable and smart.


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